A Week of Relaxation – Cala Bona

At heart I believe I am such a city girl. There is nothing I love more than going on a city break and exploring new places and experiences new cultures. However, I do also jump at the opportunity to sit in the sun and do absolutely nothing. So me and my uni best friend Colleen spontaneously booked a week away at a resort in Majorca to relax and reflect on our first year of uni being over, and to drink our body weight in cocktails.

The deal we got was brilliant: flights, 7 nights, 4 star resort in Cala Bona, half board (breakfast and dinner), airport transfer and 20kg of luggage each… ALL FOR £340 EACH!!! That truly was music to our poor student ears. It was Thompson’s deal of the day, so if you’re looking for a last minute holiday in the sun, I recommend checking Thompson out.

Despite Bella Italia at the airport getting my order wrong, the flight being delayed by 3 hours, and arriving to the hotel at 4am… I was going to say that getting there went well, but it truly didn’t HAHA. But luckily our flight was already an evening flight so we didn’t miss any daytime in the sun by being delayed.

We stayed at the Hotel Levante Resort. Now, what we didn’t know before we got there, was the average age of the hotel… lets just say we were undoubtably the only people under the age of 60… This shocked us on the first day and night as we went to go out for drinks at about half 11 (normal time to go out back in England) and found that is was completely dead and everything was closed! But after that first night we quickly got a routine down of going for dinner at around 7pm, then going out to explore at about half 8/9ish, and Cala Millor was so pleasant! It was also kind of hilarious, as everyday they had activities on throughout the day for the oldies to keep them entertained and to make sure they didn’t shrivel up in the sun. Things like french bowels, an afternoon quiz and an hour called “Learn about your iPad” (we cried of laughter).

We found a cocktail bar called Tropical Paradise, and they served the most over the top but WONDERFUL cocktails. The couple who ran it were incredibly welcoming and remembered our order by the second night, and were so sad when we went home! IMG_4214IMG_4354IMG_4467

The resort as a whole was wonderful. Our room was pretty standard but its just what we needed as we were spending 99% of the time by the pool anyways. Our deal was half-board (breakfast and dinner) and we didn’t really have any complaints about the food! Colleen is a particularly picky eater, and I’m a veggie and we always found something nice to eat! (The mash potato was so good we both genuinely nearly cried of happiness.)

All in all the holiday was exactly what both of us needed. Sun, sea, food, cocktails and absolutely nothing else. It was a complete detox for the mind, after our crazy first year of university had finished, it was amazing to just completely relax. The fact that me and colleen are basically an extension of one another made it all the more relaxing as we could completely be ourselves around each other. It was a true test of friendship spending seven solid days together, with only each other to entertain ourselves. But it was truly wonderful! We survived! It was also perfect as we both understand the need for cute candid Instagram pictures, so we both had our own personal photographer.


What destination is your to-go place for sun, sea and sand?



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