Affordable Vintage Fair Lincoln

For many students, weekends are often occupied by being hungover from Superbull or Propaganda the night before, working our weekend shifts, or working on assignments. But, for once, this weekend I had the pleasure of being hangover free and deadline free, so I took this opportunity to go to the Affordable Vintage Fair at the Engine Shed.


If you’ve heard about this event, you probably thought what I was thinking – a student’s idea of the word ‘affordable’ is very different from most. Especially when it comes to vintage items, clothing is often expensive because of its “vintage” or “designer” label, and you will find simple t-shirts or jackets at prices starting at £50 – when you’re on a budget as tight as us students, this is far from “affordable”. And looking through endless charity shops often never finding anything worthwhile is time consuming and boring, so a fair with everything in one place sounds like any vintage lover’s dream! I went with an open mind, hoping to find some gems that wouldn’t hurt my bank balance too much.After paying the reasonable entry free of just £2, we went into the Engine Shed which was completely full of stalls, all offering different things. But much to my surprise, I was delighted to see just how affordable most things really were! “Items from £5!” certainly attracted my attention. There was such a wide selection – from jewellery to jackets, prints to purses, there was something for everyone.


One of my personal favourite stalls was this jewellery stand. It was hard to find an item that cost more than £4, all good quality and beautiful designs. I treated myself to an infinity ring for just £3, and have been wearing it every day since, and it has yet to turn my finger green, which is a rarity. There were also multiple stalls with collections of old school records for as little as £3 each! Whenever I have looked at records in vintage shops, the cheapest you can usually find them is about £20, so this place is not lying when they say “affordable”.

We spent a good couple of hours mooching around, digging through the endless rails of Levi’s Jeans and Jackets and chatting with the lovely owners of the stalls. Complete with a pop up café serving fresh cakes and lovely hot drinks, the affordable vintage fair is the perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon if you are lucky enough to have a free one, and certainly won’t break your bank account. So, if you are bored of walking up Steep Hill and fancy a weekend activity that doesn’t involve excessive drinking and going out clubbing, the Vintage Fair comes to the Engine shed 3 or 4 times a year, so be on the lookout on their Facebook page to be the first to know when they are returning.



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