Things to do this Summer…

As I am nearing the end of my first year of University, summer is fast approaching. A summer with no assignments or deadlines, complete freedom! I’m honestly not quite sure how to feel about having over 3 months off away from my lovely second home in Lincoln, but I am excited for all the things I can get up to with my family and friends from home. This post today is simply a list of different things I want to get up to this summer, and will hopefully spark up some inspiration for what to fill your summer with…

♣ Try new foods – one of my favourite ways to spend my evenings is eating out with friends. Rather than going to Nando’s or Pizza Express like we always do, I want to venture out and try some new exciting places like Thai or Mexican food.

♣ Go for long drives – I find the best way to clear your mind is to turn on some good music and go for a drive. It takes your mind off things you may be worrying about and you can jam to your favourite tunes in peace.

♣ Have lazy days – is there anything better than sitting around in your PJs all day watching films, eating food and chatting with your best friends?

♣ Explore new cities around the UK – Now that me and most of my friends can drive, I want to take full advantage of this and go on road trips to new cities we are yet to visit around the UK. I’m thinking of York, Brighton, and maybe even Edinburgh…

♣ Go to Prague – Me and my 5 best friends from home are desperate to travel somewhere in the summer, and Prague is top of our list. It is a fascinating, beautiful city with lovely weather, so we have already started planning the trip.

♣ Work – to save up money for holidays in the summer and adventures in second year of uni, I want to work as much as possible (I work as a barista in my family’s cafe), but not too much that I can’t do other fun things that I’m planning…

♣ Practice my PR skills – As my family owns a business, I want to get involved with the social media side as much as possible, not only to improve my PR skills, but it will also help to promote the business.

♣ Write blog posts – As I will have no assignments to work on in the Summer, I don’t want to loose my writing skill by completely relaxing over the holidays. I want to write at least one or two blog posts a week on my adventures, things I eat and thoughts I have. This will help me improve my writing skills and help to expand my blog following!

♣ Read – This is a hobby I have struggled to keep up in my lifetime. I find it hard to get into a book and stick with it. I want to consciously make an effort to read more, whether that’s reading blogs, journals, newspapers or fictional books.

♣ Watch films – As a film enthusiast, I love talking to other film lovers about their favourite films. I have a long list of film recommendations that I plan to watch over the summer, many of them are classics that I just haven’t got round to watching yet! The list includes…Pirates of the Caribbean, The Help, The Breakfast Club and many more.

♣ Work out – I want to get into a routine of getting up early (ish) and go to the gym most days. Its a great way to set you up for the day, and will help burn off all the wonderful food and drink I plan to consume during summer…

♣ Practice cooking – I take pride in saying that when I’m not eating meals out with my friends at uni, I do cook quite delicious and healthy meals, but the number of meals I make it quite limited and they tend to be repeated often. I want to take the summer break to learn how to cook new healthy meals that I can make myself when I come back to uni. My dad takes pride in being a rather talented cook so I am certain he won’t hesitate in giving me a lesson or two.

♣ Dance – I have been dancing since I was 8 years old and have continued this at Uni in my society. I want to keep it up over the summer by taking some workshops and classes.

♣ Sing!!! – Singing is definitely my main passion in the performing arts area, so I want to take every opportunity I can to sing, whether that be at open mic nights, doing harmonies for my brothers band if they need it, or taking some singing lessons. I don’t want to go 3 months without singing otherwise I’ll loose practice.

What are your plans for this summer?


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