Body Confidence

Lately, on Instagram I have noticed a fair few posts from a wide range of people discussing body confidence and how people feel about themselves and this makes me hugely happy. In fact, when I was scrolling through Carrie Hope Fletcher’s Instagram today, I saw a bikini mirror selfie she posted with a huge paragraph about how she knows she’s not perfect, she’s “curvy in a lot of the wrong places”, but she completely accepts that and is happy with who she is. THIS IS WHAT WE NEED MORE OF IN TODAY’S SOCIETY.

In a media driven society, filled with health and fitness gurus, models and personal trainers every direction you turn, it is hardly surprising that so many people beat themselves up about their own body. (Of course, I am not slating these fitness gurus as I think they are amazing examples of the positive outcomes of keeping up a healthy, active lifestyle, GO YOU! KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK! I wish I had that motivation!)

Another reason it’s unsurprising that our generation lacks body confidence is the constant bitchiness surrounding social media. Now, can you honestly say to me that you have never seen a picture on Instagram and said: “I wouldn’t wear that if I was her”, “That outfit makes them look fat”, “Why has THIS girl uploaded a bikini picture?”, “Wow that person is way too skinny.” If you haven’t said something along those lines, I’m sure you have thought it. Boys are slated for being “too skinny”, but then its seen as exessive if they’re “too muscly”. Girls are either “too fat” or “not curvy enough”. People say: “where are her boobs?” or “gosh her boobs are way too big”. YOU CANNOT WIN IN THIS SOCIETY!!! Nobody will ever reach a “perfect” body type, and even if you do, someone will always have a  reason to criticise. And do you know what the best way to deal with this is? STOP CARING!

Obviously this is WAY easier said than done. But it’s a state of mind you just have to train your brain into. I can comfortably say that I am a body confident person. This in no way means I think I have a “perfect” body, because I am far far far from it. I just means I accept who I am. I’m not fat, I’m not skinny. I have lumps and bumps in places, broad shoulders, jiggly thighs. There are many parts of my body I would change if I could, but I have accepted this is who I am! I know I’ll probably never fit into size 10 jeans, or be able to pull off skin tight mini dresses. Life is too short to be caught up worrying about not having a “perfect” body, because it’s just not going to happen! If you’re really unhappy with some parts of your body, dress to accentuate the parts you love! Show off them curvy hips or your great boobs or your tiny waste! I LOVE seeing girls posting bikini pictures, no matter what size and shape they are, because it shows they are comfortable and confident with themselves and are ready to show the world who they are.

Now, by no means am I saying to you, “Go post a bikini selfie now and BE CONFIDENT NOW” because lets be honest, thats not going to happen. But I’m just sick and tired of hearing all my gorgeous friends putting themselves down because they are not 100% happy with their body. All body types are beautiful, it’s your aura and your confidence that attracts people to you anyway, not whether you can fit into a size 8 or not!

Sorry for the ramble, if this post helps just one person then it was worthwhile writing it…. ♥

“Body confidence doesn’t come from having the ‘perfect’ body, it comes from loving what you’ve already got.”



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  1. You speak such truths! We really need more body positive role models!

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