La La Land – A Review

When I first saw the adverts for La La Land, I was very apprehensive as to how this film was going to be perceived. It looked like a very cheesy, old school musical but set in modern day, which I personally thought would be difficult to make successful. The star studded protagonists (Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling) left me to wonder whether they would live up to the roles as we have never seen them in this all singing, all dancing style before.

It’s safe to say I was proved very wrong. I was completely in ore after the opening number “Another Day of Sun”. Everything perfectly embodied the atmosphere of an old school hollywood musical; spontaneously breaking out on song and dance and huge ensemble singing backed up by a powerful orchestra.

The score throughout the entire film was beautiful. Heavenly lead by piano which immediately creates a classic hollywood vibe, it painted a magical, fairytale picture complimenting the heartfelt love story perfectly. I have been listening to the soundtrack non stop since its release (in-fact I’m listening to it as I write this post).

I was completely blown away by both of the lead’s performances. Particularly when Emma Stone captured audiences’ hearts as she sang her solo song “Audition” with her effortless angelic voice and delicate emotion. When the two came together to sing “City of Stars”, I was soaked up in the genuine chemistry between the characters and their playful but sensitive portrayal of the song.

The cinematography throughout the entire picture was simply stunning, it was unlike anything I have seen before. It created such a smooth, magical feel to every scene and every movement which added to the modern fairytale atmosphere.

*SPOILER ALERT* – The final thing about this already wonderful film that I really appreciated was the unexpected ending. Most films of this nature tend to be a happy ending where the perfectly match couple finally figure things out and end up together in a fairytale ending. But not in La La Land…they find happiness without each other, but are still happy for each other. The writers took the ending in a different direction, and gave the film an alternative but memorable conclusion.

If you get a chance to see this film, then I highly recommend. It is bound to be a classic for years to come, shown by its 50+ awards including 5 academy awards.


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  1. JoBradley says:

    I thought this was a mediocre film. True some technical elements like direction, score and cinematography are well deserving of accolades, but as a film it’s far too long.
    See what I thought of all the best picture nominees here:


    1. bexanderson says:

      I loved the message behind it, it made so many digs at society and our modern culture. Ill check your blog out!

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