How To Tackle Early Mornings

So if you know me personally, I know you’ll be thinking: “Bex, you are NOT a morning person!”. And yes, I shamefully admit that I do not cope with early morning very well. But since coming to university, I have been faced with multiple 9am starts each week, which means I have to be awake at about 7am. Now for a lot of you this may not seem too early, but it is to me. So I have tried a tested different ways to make mornings a little less difficult – for those of you who like to snooze the alarm a couple dozen times before eventually rushing out of bed to make it to where you need to be (aka…me.) They seem to be working for me so far, so I thought it would share them with you…

  1. DO NOT HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON! As hard as this sounds, if you get up and out of bed on your first alarm, you will feel so much more awake than if you snooze your alarm and have an few extra 10 minute sleeps. Short bursts of light sleep between alarms will make you feel more drowsy and will make it harder to wake up.
  2. Get out of bed as soon as you’re awake. If you laze around in bed on your phone, this will make you more tired as you’re not fully awake. Get straight out of bed and make a tea or some breakfast, this will wake your body up properly and won’t tempt you to get back into bed.
  3. Have something to look forward to. When you wake up, think about something you’ve got planned that you can look forward to. Having a reason to get out of bed makes it much easier, even if its just your morning coffee or a new outfit to wear.
  4. Change your alarm sound to something pleasant. I don’t know about you, but when a stupidly loud and unpleasant alarm wakes me up in the morning, it makes me want to turn over and go back to sleep even more. So set your alarm tone to something that will wake you up, but not make you want to throw your phone out the window.
  5. Put your alarm across the room. If you have to physically get out of bed to turn your alarm off, it will make it much easier to wake up and stay up rather than crawling back into bed.

Hope this helps some of you cope with those early morning starts.


Are you a morning person?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Normally i am a morning person but lately all I want to do is stay in bed might have to use some of these techniques to get me up! Xx


    1. bexanderson says:

      Honestly you should try it! It starts off your day so nicely and puts you in such a good mood! Good luck hahaha xx

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