This week I am writing to tell you all about an unhealthy addiction of mine. This year, the wonderful Alexa Chung created her own app. It’s called Villoid and it’s such a unique concept. How many of you fashion lovers out there have tried to make outfit boards on Microsoft Powerpoint or Word before? It takes too long and never looks like the arty, farty, fashionista board you imagined it to look like. Now we have a solution. Within minutes this app will have you feeling like a stylist behind the scenes of Alexander Wang’s London fashion week show.

You simply choose a layout for your items, then scroll through the endless lists of top, skirts, trousers, boots, dresses, heels, you name it! And pile together your own picture perfect outfit for any occasion. Here’s some examples of my own creations.


So simple, fun and addictive! And the best/worst part is, you can buy any item from your post you create directly from the app. Dangerous to say the least but extremely convieniant, and also allows us to piece the whole outfit together first, rather than getting it in the mail and having to return it because the colours clash or the length looks odd. Thank you Alexa Chung, bless your soul.

 Feel free to follow my account and if you create your own account be sure to leave your names below so I can follow you all too. Thank for reading my lovelies and hope you have as much fun with the app as I do.

PS – this is not an AD, its just an obsession.


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