My Week in Pictures – Florence


I recently went on a family holiday for four days to the beautiful city of Florence in Italy. I took a lot of snaps whilst I was there on my wonderful new camera, so thought I should share them with you, and maybe give you some travelling inspiration on where to head on your next venture.

 Like most of the human race are, I am a huge pizza lover, and I had very high expectations before trying pizza from its birth place, Italia. And oh my godness, it really was incredible. I think I may go back just for the pizza, and the food in general to be honest…maybe even live there.

These “gelateria” ice cream parlours were everywhere; there were two or three on every street we went down. We tried many different places in an attempt to find the best.

Fits the stereotype, don’t you think?

The view point of Florence, allowing access to a view of the entire city. My personal favourite part of the trip (despite trekking up a hill for about an hour to get there, it was worth it.)

WE FOUND THE BEST ICE CREAM IN FLORENCE! Therefore deserves a picture with the glorious desserts.

Hope you enjoyed this quick post. I personally love seeing other peoples travelling and holiday pictures, so I hope you liked seeing mine. I will also be doing a post like this on my trip to Disney, coming soon!

Where will you be travelling to this summer?


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